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29 items in de category Russia_Today in donderdag     De links 1 t/m 29.
World: Rusland: Russia_Today [ Geolocation ]   (Laatste update: donderdag 6 augustus 2020 13:16:45)
  • Lethal precision: WATCH Russian Iskander-M missiles blast into the sky during training (VIDEO)
    Preview The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a spectacular video of Iskander-M missile launches during special operation training at the country’s Kapustin Yar rocket launch and development site.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 11:13:03 +0000
  • England to revise DOWN its Covid-19 death toll by up to 10 percent after bizarre ‘counting mishap’
    Preview Up to 10 percent of England’s coronavirus death toll could be wiped out due to reporting errors in which “Covid-19” deaths on the official register were logged months after positive tests regardless of the circumstances.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 11:04:18 +0000
  • Chinese video-sharing app TikTok planning to open its first European data center in Ireland
    Preview Chinese-owned technology company TikTok has announced plans to build a $500 million European data hub which will be located in Ireland. It is expected to become operational by 2022.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 10:52:13 +0000
  • 'I'm not sure I've seen a crash that horrific': Lance Armstrong reacts as Fabio Jakobsen left in coma after horror smash (VIDEO)
    Preview Dutch cyclist Fabio Jakobsen has undergone facial surgery and remains in a coma after a high-speed crash on the first stage of the Tour of Poland, which was described by Lance Armstrong as among the worst accidents he has seen.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 10:45:27 +0000
  • Number of US nationals ‘were detained’ in Belarus ahead of election – President Lukashenko
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 10:45:00 +0000
  • Million-dollar MMA: Professional Fighters League says Russia is a 'priority market' as organization plans for 2021 return (VIDEO)
    Preview The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is targeting international expansion after agreeing a TV deal with Telesport in Russia, and say they're ready to make their mark on the international stage with their league-based MMA format.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 10:34:00 +0000
  • New owner for Roma: American businessman stumps up $700 MILLION to buy Serie A's sleeping giants
    Preview American billionaire Dan Friedkin is set to complete his purchase of Italian Serie A club AS Roma in a deal worth more than $700 million, the club announced Thursday.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 09:46:28 +0000
  • ‘We must deal with Russia as it is, not as we wish it to be’: US ex-diplomats, academics call for engagement with Moscow
    Preview Washington needs to revamp its Russia policy, steer away from permanent sanctions and allow genuine talks, because failure to do so may cost the US dearly, retired top US officials and academics say.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 09:34:06 +0000
  • ‘Virtue signaling her way to reelection’: Michigan governor roasted online after declaring racism ‘PUBLIC HEALTH crisis’
    Preview Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was accused of pandering to those engaged in identity politics, after she declared racism a “public health crisis” and said that everyone is plagued by unconscious bias.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 09:30:58 +0000
  • US State Department 'Russian disinformation' report aims to stop normalisation of relations, discredit alternative media – embassy
    Preview Donald Trump speaks of "the swamp," and now Russia's embassy in Washington believes apparatchiks at the State Department have put together a hysterical report on "Russian propaganda" to prevent politicians improving relations.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 09:26:00 +0000
  • 'I'm just going to act responsibly': Nick Kyrgios admits he's UNLIKELY to play at the French Open due to COVID-19 concerns
    Preview Australian tennis ace Nick Kyrgios has cited concerns about the continued safety issues surrounding COVID-19 as he revealed that he is unlikely to play at the French Open this year.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 09:24:22 +0000
  • Portland protester violence continues, spreads to suburbs despite claim that ‘if feds leave, we’ll leave’ (VIDEOS)
    Preview Despite claims to the contrary, protests and violence have continued in Portland following the withdrawal of federal police. Tear gas and flashbang grenades were used to disperse crowds that have now moved to the city’s suburbs.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 09:15:26 +0000
  • US unemployment during Covid-19 pandemic approaches 55 MILLION
    Preview The number of new unemployment insurance claims in the United States is expected to have improved marginally last week, with initial jobless claims for the week ended August 1 expected at 1.4 million.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 08:51:29 +0000
  • Australia’s Melbourne enters new 6-week coronavirus lockdown
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 08:14:00 +0000
  • Beijing is ‘firmly opposed’ to US action to block Chinese apps
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 07:51:00 +0000
  • ‘Is this it?’ Anti-Trump #Resistance thrilled as NYT says Deutsche Bank ‘complied with subpoena,’ NY AG preps ‘major announcement’
    Preview Critics of President Donald Trump are again convinced the ‘walls are closing in’ on the US commander-in-chief, excited by reports that his bank complied with a subpoena from New York prosecutors as part of a broad criminal probe.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 05:21:00 +0000
  • ‘You’re breaking the law!’ LA mayor vows to CUT WATER & POWER to homes that host ‘large parties’
    Preview LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has warned that residents hosting large home gatherings can expect their water and power utilities to be cut, a sharp escalation of the city’s strict Covid-19 measures amid a series of recent house parties.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 03:44:00 +0000
  • WATCH dozens of FBI & SWAT agents raid mansion of YouTuber Jake Paul, seize ‘multiple rifles’ amid probe into looting & vandalism
    Preview Dozens of FBI agents and SWAT officers have raided the sprawling California mansion of controversial YouTube star Jake Paul, seizing several weapons amid an investigation into looting and vandalism at an Arizona shopping mall.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 02:31:00 +0000
  • Democrats drifting to extreme left because they are ‘owned by George Soros,’ claims former House speaker Gingrich
    Preview The Democrat Party continues to drift radically leftward, and its leadership will never rebuke militant elements like Antifa, because it's controlled by billionaire leftist George Soros, former US House speaker Newt Gingrich said.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 01:28:00 +0000
  • 3 teens with LOADED AK-47 hop wall into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago by ‘mistake,’ claim they ‘found’ the gun
    Preview A trio of 15-year-old boys scaled a wall outside US President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida carrying a loaded AK-47 in a backpack, in what police say was a desperate attempt to evade arrest.
    Read Full Article at
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020 00:18:00 +0000
  • The cargo that blew up Beirut: Sailor REVEALS troubled history of doomed ship that brought TONS of explosive fertilizer to Lebanon
    Preview The explosion that devastated Beirut has been linked to a mishandled ammonium nitrate cargo confiscated from a foreign ship. Now a former crew member tells RT the vessel, owned by a dodgy businessman, was a disaster in the making.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 23:44:53 +0000
  • Pentagon chief says Beirut blast likely an ACCIDENT, as Trump doubles down on possible ATTACK claims
    Preview US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the mammoth explosion that rocked Beirut was likely an accident, pouring cold water on a theory floated by the president, who claimed the Pentagon assessed that a “bomb” had set off the blast.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 23:09:00 +0000
  • Former acting AG Yates says she signed bogus FISA requests to spy on Trump campaign because it’s not her job to do fact-checking
    Preview Former acting attorney general Sally Yates continued clinging to the possibility that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to get elected in 2016, testifying in the Senate that she couldn't opine on whether he's guilty.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 22:58:00 +0000
  • Do black Americans really support defunding the police? Over 80% want cops to stay & keep patrolling their communities, poll shows
    Preview Despite Black Lives Matter protests raging across the country and moves to defund police departments or cut back their budgets, a new poll suggests black citizens don’t support the efforts to remove cops from the streets.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 22:33:00 +0000
  • ‘Harmful Covid-19 misinformation’: Facebook scrubs Trump post stating children ‘virtually immune’ to coronavirus
    Preview Facebook has removed a post from US President Donald Trump’s personal page – a clip from a recent interview in which he suggested Covid-19 poses little risk to children – stating he had made “false claims” about the virus.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 22:25:00 +0000
  • Poll asks whether you’d be more willing to take anti-Covid vaccine if recommended by...Oprah, LeBron, or Tom Brady
    Preview A new poll to measure people’s trust in a potential Covid-19 vaccine asked respondents whether they would be more likely to take it if select celebrities and sports stars gave it their stamp of approval.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 20:19:03 +0000
  • ‘Where was the dignity?’ Parents of dead 6-year-old speak out on brutal bedside arrest & manhandling at UK hospital
    Preview A couple whose daughter was taken off life support against their wishes has won a court battle to publish footage of their brutal treatment by UK cops. Rashid and Aliya Abbasi spoke to RT on seeking justice for young Zainab.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 19:50:00 +0000
  • Biden backs out of attending Democratic convention on Covid-19 fears, will instead accept presidential nomination VIRTUALLY
    Preview Joe Biden won’t be traveling to Milwaukee as planned to accept the Democratic presidential nomination - he and other scheduled speakers at the party’s national convention will give their speeches remotely, due to Covid-19 fears.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 19:23:46 +0000
  • Lebanon ARRESTS ALL port officials as images are thought to reveal the poorly stored ammonium nitrate which blew up Beirut
    Preview After a colossal port explosion rocked the capital city of Beirut, the Lebanese government has decided to put all officials who oversaw storage and security there since 2014 under house arrest, until investigations are complete.
    Read Full Article at
    Wed, 05 Aug 2020 19:06:00 +0000

  • Google Nieuws over Russia Today:

  • "Russia Today" - Google News
    Google News

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    Facebook en Twitter bestraffen Trump-accounts vanwege ‘onjuiste beweringen over het coronavirus’ (7475)
    TikTok is launching its first TV app with Amazon and its head of marketing says it's an ideal testing ground for longer videos (5900)
    Google is circling the $2.7 billion digital audio market with new tools that help advertisers buy Spotify and Pandora ads (5900)
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    Growing startup just brought on a chief revenue officer, right on the heels of a $45 million funding round, to help salespeople be more effective in the remote work era (5899)
    You & Mr. Jones just acquired influencer agency Collectively and said the business is on track to grow at least 30% in the next year as advertisers flock to creator-led marketing (5899)
    Some marketers are making contingency plans for their TikTok deals as the political heat on the app creates uncertainty about its future (5899)
    ENTERPRISE VIDEO CONFERENCING: Here's how five software providers are positioning their platforms amid the pandemic-driven shift to remote work (5899)
    Former Sequoia partner Aaref Hilaly is joining Bain Capital Ventures as the firm boosts investments during a time of 'tremendous early-stage momentum on the west coast' (5899)
    Silicon Valley insiders say that the shift to remote work could finally making a dent in tech's diversity crisis. But it also creates key problems that the industry will have to solve for the change to stick. (VMW, BOX, IBM, OKTA, EBAY) (5899)
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